Thursday, August 6, 2009

My neighbor, George, disappeared again last week and his owner went out walking the streets to find him. In my opinion, George was uncreative in what he chose to do with his freedom. He just went out and met another dog. The man only walked five blocks before spotting him outside the fence of a yard that held a Pomeranian.

"So you found yourself a girlfriend," the man said as he walked up on George, who greeted him briefly and then continued sniffing the Pomeranian's nose, like a dog.

(Dogs are so sociable; they have so many friends. I would be uncomfortable touching the nose of of a stranger but they seem to love it.)

The man wasn't angry with him and George, having found another dog, briefly forgot about the scene from the previous night. Fortunate for me because I'm always the one George barks to about whatever's going on, even though I act uninterested and go about my business.

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