Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And Yet More Soups...

When you read the following reviews, you'll see I seem to have entered a honeymoon phase with the Pacific brand, just like I did with Amy's in the past. In a short time I may find other brands to be enamored with, just as I might find at least a  Pacific soup I don't like, but it's been a tasty ride so far. I'm not trying to especially advertise Pacific here; they were just all good. And the flavors were so original, I couldn't resist trying a bunch of them. I also want you soup fiends to know that I am in full support of wonderful homemade soups over canned soups, but when life throws you a 50 hour work week, cross-country moving, needy cats and other difficulties, might as well make lemonade out of canned soups, if you see what I mean. When I've relocated, perhaps I'll begin with the making of actual soups. Maybe I will recreate some of my favorite flavors of canned soups as homemade soups. Life imitating art. Or something. Life imitating canned soup. What better thing to imitate?

Pacific Cashew Carrot Ginger
Pleasantly thick, creamy. Spicy—that ginger really packs a punch. If you like carrots and ginger, this is for you. The actual soup seems to be made mostly of carrots and there are also additional carrot pieces—mushy but very tasty, definitely carrots. I think I could just barely make out the cashew, but I wasn’t really expecting to be able to. Flavorful onion pieces complete it. B+ and if mushed-up vegetable soups are your favorite, it could deserve a higher grade. I think they're not my favorite, but I like them. This soup was like having dinner with Peter Rabbit in the South Pacific.

Pacific Chipotle Sweet Potato
The broth was thick, spicy, creamy. It was very chipotle and I think it was made mostly of sweet potato puree. The soup included small piece of tomatoes, which were tasty, and small pieces of white potatoes, which were pleasantly textured—not too mushy at all. It was pretty sinus-cleansing spicy and also very autumn-y -- like crunching on the leaves as you walk home thinking about how to talk to the new boy or girl in school and what you're going to wear for Halloween, but also, in your somewhat crowded mind, you're  saying the word "Chihuahua. Chihuahua" over and over again and wondering if it's a real place. I think my favorite of all the pureed-vegetable-style soups so far. A
Pacific Poblano Pepper and Corn
Well, this was a true delight. Very unique and also good—sometimes it’s either one or the other, but this did both well. Pleasantly firm potatoes, spicy flavorful broth, not overly salty, tastes like peppers, cumin, cilantro. Buoyant, sweet corn, tasty pieces of Poblano pepper, tomatoes, spinach. Again, fall in Mexico-- Like having an entertaining conversation with your comforting mamacita after work wherein you talk about what you might wear on the Day of the Dead. A+

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pot Pies

We're venturing out of the realm of soup. We're going after frozen foods. A quick mid-semester move with cats and being behind in work because of a mid-semester move with cats will bring on the holing-up behavior that emphasizes a greater commitment to and a more satisfying relationship with instant foods. So, here goes:

Amy's Non-Dairy Vegetable Pot Pie
I love pot pies. But, oops-- I bought something “No Dairy.” I am a cheese and cream addict, so color me suspicious, but curious.   In reading about this Vegetable Pot Pie, I discovered that it’s the crust that needed to be de-dairyed, so this  might be okay. When it’s finished its hour in the oven I prick the crust to find nicely flavored and textured potatoes, tasty carrots, pleasant tofu and the occasional pea. The crust is pretty good and so is the sauce-- salty but every pot pie has salty sauce and it appropriately seasons the potatoes; I don’t really miss the dairy. This was enjoyable.