Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fuschia Flower, Tea Rose, New Bed

Fuschia Flower

Hybrid Tea Rose

Can you believe these are the same roses in a different light?

New flowerbed built with castle stones

This bed was made possible by Gerard Davidson, Jan Green and Janet Ward Black. The blue planter was underwritten by Noel K-S.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Against the rubber tongues of cows and the hoeing hands of men

Thistles spike the summer air
And crackle open under a blue-black pressure.

Every one a revengeful burst
Of resurrection, a grasped fistful
Of splintered weapons and Icelandic frost thrust up

From the underground stain of a decayed Viking.
They are like pale hair and the gutturals of dialects.
Every one manages a plume of blood.

Then they grow grey like men.
Mown down, it is a feud. Their sons appear
Stiff with weapons, fighting back over the same ground.

- Ted Hughes