Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wedding Location

Greensboro's Arboretum, Sunday May 25th

Friday, January 4, 2008

Wedding Hotels!

This is where the May 25th wedding reception is:

The O. Henry Hotel!

It's extremely nice! With beautiful rooms and in additon to the ballroom where the wedding will be, a beautiful tea room:
They serve a formal high tea in the afternoons !

Out-of-town guest, consider making a reservation at this hotel if you would like to stay there, and let us know, in case there's enough people to create a discount. The hotel has a small outdoor pool and many beautiful features in the rooms and around the hotel. Lovely terraces and lounges.

You could also make a reservation here:

The Proximity Hotel!

It is also Greensboro's first and only green hotel. And it is brand new; the rooms are beautiful and a little bit less expensive than the O. Henry and only 30 seconds away!
Apparently it also has an outdoor pool and a bistro.

There's also the downtown Marriott, which is 3.3 miles away from the wedding location and 2.7 miles from the reception.

Downtown is a fun place; nightlife and shopping and coffeeshops, etc. There's also a small hotel there called the Biltmore Hotel.

Close to the reception site is the budget-option Battleground Inn