Friday, May 22, 2009

Who Makes These Things?

I really liked this one. That painting by impressionist Mary Cassatt has always been one of my favorite paintings. It was one of the paintings my mom and dad pointed out to me when we visited whatever museum we were in; paintings with children and dogs were, reasonably, the only paintings I was interested in and this and several other paintings kept me from falling asleep in some corner of the museum.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jukin' and Capitol Viewin'

Saturday we went to Teddy's Juke Joint, a small club near Zachary, LA and there we saw blues musician Eden Brent play. Teddy was present, in his cowboy hat. The club is the house that Teddy grew up in and where he has been operating his joint for 32 years. These colored lights surround Teddy's dj booth where he plays records between sets and romances you in a low-toned voice. Click here to view pictures of Teddy on his site!

Earlier on Saturday we went to the state capitol building, which has an open observation deck on the 27th floor. Two elevators got us up there and we could see everything from LSU to the Spanish arsenal in the park beside the capitol to the vats of boiling oil farther down the river.

That last one is the Pentagon Barracks, the original site of LSU. There were five buildings but one burned down.

And here's a picture of Doc Watson who performed wonderfully at Jazzfest in New Orleans on Friday. He's the one on the right.