Sunday, May 4, 2008

Things We Do

Clay plays guitar.
Susan is a writer.
Susan and Clay both like to travel and ski.

Here is Susan at an exciting Indian restaurant in New York.

Here is Clay at the beach.

Here is Susan playing dress-up (It's Halloween) with Chrissy the Bridesmaid.

Here are Susan and Clay visiting a plantation in White Castle, Louisiana.

And here they are later that day at tiny french restaurant in Baton Rouge.

Clay also teaches karate! Here he is at a tournament.

Here is Susan at John Keats' grave in Rome.

Susan also played the piano for many years. Both Susan and Clay were in lots of plays. They were even in the same plays but not at the same time.
Susan also likes to play tennis. Sometimes Clay plays tennis with her. She plays the theremin too, but not very often. One of the most exciting things Clay and Susan have done together is to go on a swamp tour near Baton Rouge! They were not eaten by alligators.

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