Monday, February 18, 2008

Wedding Party

Susan's Attendants:

Abigail Soles, Maid of Honor, friend since birth, former neighbor, tomato stand sales partner, pottery companion
Lucy Danford, Maid of Honor, friend since her birth, past and current neighbor, baby-sitting charge, pretend little sister, personal New Orleans tour guide
Sharyn Chen, Bridesmaid, friend for 8 years, former roomate, partner in crime, creative consultant
Christine Schadegg, Bridesmaid, friend, travel buddy, partner in crime, creative consultant

Clay's Attendants:

Erik Strom, Best Man, longtime friend and neighbor, jujitsu opponent, bandmate, keeper of pets
Walker Davidson, Groomsman, younger brother, friend since his birth, partner in crime, personal gourmet chef
Owen Dollar, Groomsman, longtime friend, partner in music/crime
Jeremy Fountain, Groomsman, friend, bandmate, former neighbor, partner in music/crime

The ceremony will be performed by Tommy Trull, friend of the groom for 20 years, partner in music/crime, creative consultant, nexus of bride and groom's aquaintanceship.

The ceremony music will be performed by Rob Reich, friend of the bride for 10 years.

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